Point of contact for international bodies

Pôle emploi works for a public service model of French and European employment with its international partners.

As part of its public service mission, Pôle emploi is the point of contact for international bodies (European Commission, International Labor Organization, etc.) and responds to their requests in the fields of employment and vocational training. 

Pôle emploi is a member of the European Employment Services Network (PES Network) and is the Vice-President of the European region of the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES). 

Working closely with international bodies (foreign public employment services, the European Commission, the International Labor Organization, the World Association of Public Employment Services, etc.), we share our expertise and capitalize on our foreign experience to inform decisions and drive our strategic and operational developments.

Actively involved in the European PES Network, Pôle emploi participates in European projects linking organization and performance, and supports the Benchlearning approach based on expertise and mutual learning between peers.

Robert Wilson