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Rete transfrontaliera del mercato del lavoro e dei servizi per l’occupazione.Cross-border labor market and employment services network.

La cooperazione al cuore del Mediterraneo
Cooperation in the heart of the Mediterranean


The MA.R.E. strategic project

Cross-border labor market and Employment Services Network

The aim of the MA.R.E. (Cross-border Labor Market and Employment Services Network) strategic project is to contribute to strengthening the cross-border labor market. The partners associated with this initiative are Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany, for Italy; for France, the partner is Pôle emploi Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, and more particularly the Var and Alpes Maritimes departments. The managing authority is the Tuscany region.

The objective is to experiment with new services in order to strengthen the match between labor supply and demand. The project consists of building a network of all those involved in employment services and a forum of operators of cross-border employment services in order to develop activities for exchanging knowledge and experiences.

In addition, MA.R.E. aims to define a common model for the identification, validation and certification (IVC) of skills in order to facilitate the identification of formal and informal skills, and to experiment specific training activities for the benefit of common professional profiles in priority cross-border sectors (blue and green) in the various interested regions.

The results of the project will lead to the definition of a strategic document for the development and optimization of the governance of the labor market of employment services in the program area, which will constitute a proposal to be shared with the project management authority and brought to the attention of the national authorities of the partners.

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The pilot action “Passport for MA.R.E. employment” to enhance the mobility of job seekers

Led by Pôle emploi, this program has offered job seekers the opportunity to benefit from support for a professional immersion of several weeks in companies in Italy.4,500 job seekers were informed of the existence of this program, 60 attended the training, and 22 were able to undergo an immersion course in Italy.




Within the framework of the activities of the MARE-MARITTIMO project batch 4 coordinated by Pôle emploi Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the “Skills profile and associated training pathways” vademecum contributes to developing awareness about green and blue challenges within the Franco-Italian cross-border labor market.

Pôle emploi Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, a springboard to international mobility

Within the framework of the activities of batch 4 of the MARE-MARITTIMO project led by Pôle emploi Provence- Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the vade-mecum "Competence profile and associated training pathways" is an element that contributes to the development of a knowledge of green and blue issues within the job market. contributes to developing knowledge of green and blue issues within the French-Italian cross-border labour market. the French-Italian cross-border labour market.